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Ruth Bauer-Neustadter

Ruth Bauer-Neustadter

Driven by an archeological, environmental and political urgency, I travel through life discovering discarded materials which I am inspired to...

By Ruth Bauer-Neustadter

It occurs to me why I want to paint
My life feels like a weaving
Separate pieces of thread
Different colors, varied textures
Always working at putting together
Uniting ultimately
Fitting schedules, needs, commitments
Intertwining thoughts, relationships
Connecting people, ideas truths
Intermixing teaching, dance, art, politics, environment
Interlacing love, friendship, childhood, family
Making a cohesive unit of
Painting, found objects, canvases, always searching for something
Finding peaceful moments, solitude, depth
It is all done with energy and ease
A painting, a tapestry, that
Intertwines my many threads
There for me and you to see
Rippling earthiness
A mirror of myself.